How Loans Work at Bancless

Bancless provides simple and affordable loans based on today’s assets and not yesterday’s credit history. Asset bancing is quick, simple and designed to meet your short term financial goals. To design your personal loan simply choose the amount of time, the amount of money and the qualified asset. Deposit your personal qualified assets today and walk out with your immediate cash in hand.

Cash Quickly

We simply turn personal assets into cash quickly. Our focus is to value your assets, understand your goals and develop an affordable loan. The ability to leverage is important and we make it simple.

Selling Assets

Make Bancless your resource for selling assets. Our quick and simple process makes identifying value easy. All quotes are free and we guarantee the experience will be confidential and thorough. Bancless has years of experience in converting personal assets into cash for our clients. Contact us today to start your Bancless experience.


What personal assets are qualified for a loan?

Bancless Qualified Assets are specific tangible items that you own and control. These items can be deposited into Bancless in exchange for quick and simple loans. We can’t accept all personal assets but we can help to identify possibilities with communication.Please call to inquire about the type of assets we accept.

What do I need to get a loan ?

Simply bring a personal qualified asset, along with a city or government ID. All transactions require the age of 18 or older.

How long does the loan or selling process take ?

Most transactions take 10 to 15 minutes from start to finish. However, if the personal asset is rare or unique the duration may require additional time.

Why do people get pawn loans?

People ask this question daily so let me shed some light on this topic. Personal assets come in many forms from a coin collection to great grandmother’s wedding ring. Many personal assets not only have a dollar value but also a sentimental value as well. It is this sentimental value that prevents us from selling the asset off. Once the asset is sold, it can’t be recovered and the future use of the asset will be lost. Personal assets contain value but selling them is not an option for many people. With our asset loans you’re able to deposit the asset in exchange for a personal cash loan. This option provides cash without loss of the personal asset.

What if I can’t pay on time?

Personal asset loans or pawn loans are for 90 days. At the end of 90 days an interest payment is due. A five day grace period is given on all loans, ten thousand dollars and under, that are refreshed or extended at no charge. Redeemed personal assets after the due date are subject to a 10% late fee. If you need more time we can offer an additional 30 days. Please submit your request by email to Please include name and loan number in the email. The fee is a flat 10% for this service. * Loans that are discounted do not have a grace period and must be paid by due date to avoid forfeiture. Discounted loans are considered discounted when the interest rate is lower than our advertised rate.

What is Refresh?

A loan can be repaid and redeemed anytime within the loan period. Another option is to refresh or extend the loan. This is done by paying only the interest due in exchange for an additional 90 days.

Can I lose my personal asset?

Assets that are utilized for loans must be maintained by paying the interest amount due within the contract. Clients who disregard the agreement of the loan contract risk asset forfeiture.

Can I sell my item instead of getting a loan?

We buy a large variety of items from estates, bank trusts as well as from individuals. If we can’t purchase your merchandise, we will help to produce other options.

Why have three different quotes listed for Bullion?

Bullion quotes generally have two prices. The bid or sell price is the lower amount. The higher amount is called the ask price. If a customer is selling bullion to a dealer the bid price is used in determining the base amount. If a customer is buying from a dealer then the ask price is used in determining the base amount. Example, 1oz American Gold Eagle may be listed for sale from a dealer at spot plus sixty dollars. If gold is $1200.00 bid and $1203.00 ask the amount for a American Gold Eagle would be 1203.00 + $60.00 = 1263.00. The $1263.00 represents the total cost to the individual buyer. Bancless bullion quotes are unique because we offer the option to utilize bullion for personal loans. Therefore, we have a buy, sell and loan quote for all bullion.

What are Real-Time quotes

Bancless offers real-time quotes on 100’s of personal assets. At the top of our website you will find six categories with hundreds of real-time prices for selling and loaning on assets. Our six major categories are Bullion, Watches, Diamonds, Precious Metals, Jewelry and Turquoise. If your asset is not listed please contact us for help.

Is Bancless regulated?

Yes, we are regulated and licensed under pawnbroker laws in the state of Arizona, and in the city phoenix. We are subject to such laws as Patriot Act, Federal Trade Commission Rules on Data privacy and security transfer, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), and the United States Treasury Department.

Are all pawn shop interest rates the same in Phoenix?

Generally interest rates are the same at most pawn shops. In Phoenix the max allowed interest a pawn shop can charge is 26% for one day, with a max of 37% for 90 days. At Bancless we provide options based on amount and time. Example, A $1000.00 dollar loan for 90 days is $208.50 your cost. Bancless save you money, please contact us or use our loan calculator for specific loan costs and savings.

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