Selling my Rolex, why knowing more than the buyer is important.

Selling my Rolex, why knowing more than the buyer is important.

Three things to do and know before selling your Rolex

It is important when selling your Rolex to know more than the buyer about your specific Rolex. Why, because you may have some features that make your Rolex rarer or more valuable than the more common Rolexes on the market. I can guarantee that knowing less than the buyer will cost you money. So before you decide to pull the trigger and sell your Rolex follow these simple steps.

Know your Rolex Model

One, Look up new and current prices for the exact Rolex. Rolexes make changes to models every few years and your model may have been

discontinued. In many cases Rolex will make some improvements to a model and the model number will reflect the change. If you don’t know the model go to an authorized Rolex dealer for help.

Talk to collectors


Two, go online and find Rolex chat rooms. Ask plenty of questions about value and rarity of your Rolex. Rolex enthusiasts are diehard knowledge

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Three steps to selling your Rolex

junkies with leads.

Be smart get more quotes

Three, sell your Rolex for the highest price. Take your time and get plenty of quotes from real buyers. Don’t get tricked into consignment or leaving it at a business. The more people in the middle will cost you time and money.

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